Typical Federated Model of HIE Architecture

The data can be in edge servers, virtual edge servers (centralized virtual
servers) or could be in a centralized CDR. In this model the MPI ad RLS
are the same service however there are many models where they are
separate. As patients are accepted into the network the MPI is updated. As
clinical data is fed into the edge servers the RLS is informed about the
meta-data and location of each piece of data. It is like a Google index of all
the data in the network but unlike Google it does not have to go figure out
where the data is by “spidering” the content. Rather as the content comes
in it is indexed. It is common to have a clinician portal for inquiry. As EHR
become more sophisticated they should be able to perform a patient
discovery and query for documents on the network and present this to the
provider as if the data came from within the EHR.

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